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Call for User Stories

Collection of concrete needs from the Text+ community

Text+ is preparing a submission in the second application round of the NFDI for a language and text oriented research data infrastructure. To address the user needs, we ask you for your support and invite you to contribute to the services offered within Text+.

You can download the templates for user stories as PDF and in the editable Word version in German and English (English preferred)

With this call we want to cover the entire spectrum of the participating disciplines, data domains and research questions. More details on the content and delivery of the User Story can be found in the template. You are welcome to fill out the template several times and submit one or more user stories. Responses are requested by August 16, 2020. Upon receipt, we will evaluate the submissions and publish them individually or as a summarized result on this website. We would be happy to include your name with the respective user story. Of course, you can also provide anonymous information. If you have any questions regarding the user stories, please contact the Text+-Office team at office@text-plus.org.