User Story 311

Text+ User Story OPERAS – open scholarly communication in the european research area for social sciences and humanities Michael Kaiser, Elisabeth Ernst, Judith Schulte (Max Weber Stiftung) DFG subject areas: 101–111 (interdisciplinary) Text+ data domain: Collections Motivation I am working as communication and project officer for the European distributed Research Infrastructure OPERAS at the Max Weber Stiftung in Germany. OPERAS coordinates and federates resources … Read more

User Story 407

Text+ User Story Editing a Medieval Hispanic Poetry Corpus with TextGrid Gimena del Rio Riande (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina DFG subject area: 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Editions Motivation In 2015, I was working with the digital edition of a selection of the debate and dialogue poems transcribed in a medieval 16th century songbook, the Cancionero de Baena, as part of … Read more

User Story 310

Text+ User Story Corpus of Novels of the Spanish Silver Age (CoNSSA) José Calvo Tello (SUB Göttingen) DFG subject area: 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Collections Motivation Within the CLiGS project at the University of Würzburg (2015–2020) one of the corpora gathered was a middle-size corpus of Spanish novels. It contains novels by Spanish authors published between 1880 and 1939. One of its characteristics is that a section of the corpus (around a third), is still under copyright, because the authors lived up to the year 2000.   The corpus is encoded in XML-TEI. It contains dozens of fields of metadata (in the teiHeader) about the plot, the author or the publication. Besides, it has been linguistically and textually annotated through several tools (narrative, grammatical, semantic information). In the original proposal, it was pointed out that the data would be made available, without further specification of what to do if the texts are still under copyright.  Objectives  As a researcher, I need support about the legal framework of publishing extracted data from texts still in copyright.  I also need to use repositories for the archiving of these texts to allow other researchers to access my data. This can be offered in several ways:  Original and complete data after a series of identification steps or registration for materials that are still protected.  Extracted features in large spans of texts (frequencies per volume or chapter, sentence).  Extracted features in shorter spans of texts (paragraphs, sentences, verses). Extracted features based on the collocation or n‑grams.  Further models to download, such as topic modeling or word-embeddings.  Linguistic annotation from the entire text.  Metadata. Markup without text (to analyze the structure of the text, such as number of paragraphs, number of verses, etc.).  Some of these features should be published openly, without any kind of registration (metadata annotated by me, frequencies of markup). Text+ should allow archiving but not making available data that is still in copyright. It should be defined at what year which text is free to be published, and this should be done automatically or semi-automatically (the author died in … Read more

User Story 406

Text+ User Story Authority files in digital scholarly editions of correspondence Markus Bernauer, Selma Jahnke, Frederike Neuber, Michael Rölcke (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften) DFG subject areas: 105 Literary Studies, 102 History Text+ data domain: Editions Motivation Scholarly editions of correspondence have found their ideal ‘habitat’ in the digital medium. The structured recording of correspondence metadata … Read more

User Story 602

Text+ User Story Sharing the Visual and Textual Features of Comics Alexander Dunst (Universität Paderborn) DFG subject areas: 103 Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Media Studies, 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Comprehensive Motivation This user story describes some of the current challenges facing digital comics research, a highly interdisciplinary community that includes researchers from media, … Read more

User Story 601

Text+ User Story Textual features derived from copyrighted texts Christof Schöch (Trier Center for Digital Humanities, Trier University) DFG subject areas: 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Collections / Comprehensive Motivation This user story is focussing on research relying on collections of literary or factual texts that are subject to copyright restrictions and therefore posing … Read more

User Story 306

Text+ User Story Full-text digitization with OCR Jan Horstmann (Forschungsverbund Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel) DFG subject areas: 104 Linguistics, 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Collections Motivation Collection-managing institutions such as libraries and archives preserve text documents that are of great importance for the study of literary works and constellations (DFG subject classification: especially literary studies and … Read more

User Story 403

Text+ User Story The Edition of “Der Sturm” as example for digitized periodicals Marjam Trautmann (Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur | Mainz) and DHd-AG Zeitungen & Zeitschriften DFG subject areas: 102 History, 103 Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Media Studies, 104 Linguistics, 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Editions  (refers also to Task Area Infrastructure/Operations) … Read more

User Story 402

Text+ User Story Graph Models for the Genesis of Goethe’s Faust Thorsten Vitt, Sina Bock (Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg) DFG subject area : 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Editions Motivation Johann Wolfgang Goethe has been working on his drama Faust for almost his entire life. As witnesses of his work, 556 manuscripts are currently known. … Read more

User Story 305

Text+ User Story DraCor Corpora Frank Fischer (HSE Moskau), Peer Trilcke (Universität Potsdam), Mathias Göbel, José Calvo Tello, Raisa Barthauer (SUB Göttingen) DFG subject area : 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Collections Motivation The Drama Corpora Project DraCor was published by the Centre for Digital Humanities at HSE Moscow and the University of Potsdam. … Read more