Data from the Community

Offers for research data for integration within the context of Text+

Running Call: Direct link to submit offers for research data (German online form)

In the context of Text+, we are currently preparing to submit a grant application in the second round of the NFDI. Together with you, we would like to sift through the rich treasure of research data and possible applications offered by the humanities and other disciplines and contribute productively to the NFDI Text+ initiative. It is precisely through the diversity and quantity of research data and a wide range of research questions that a stable and multi-faceted basis for a research data infrastructure is to be created.

Within the Text+ initiative, three data domains are distinguished: Editions, Lexical Resources and Collections. In these data domains, you can enrich the initiative with your offers of research data, research questions and research tasks.

The humanities community in all its diversity is the most important reference point for Text+ and we would like to represent it with your help. We would therefore like to invite you to participate and to help shape the NFDI.

Your research data can complement the Text+ offer and can be included in the pool of representative data for Text+. The governance of Text+ intends that the Scientific Coordination and further development of the three data domains of Text+ shall be exclusively in the hands of expert scientists. This further development will be based on the data pool. In order to obtain a structured overview of the data stocks relevant to the community, we have created a questionnaire.

Any feedback given until August 16, 2020 could be included in the preparation of the application. Later submissions are possible using the online form. For further questions please contact office[at]