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About the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)

The National Research Infrastrucutre (NFDI) is a German initiative for building a network dealing with research data. More information on the call and the background can be found on the Website of the German Research Foundation (DFG) on the NFDI.

The abstract of the Text+ Initiative is available on the website of the DFG.

The consortium Text+ within the NFDI

In the area of the Humanities, extensive consultations between infrastructure providers and infrastructure users have taken place in preparation for the NFDI. These consultations took place in a workshop series and in the context of an NFDI Forum, organised by the DHd professional organisation, in order to identify the actual needs of Humanities and Social Science scholars across a wide range of disciplines. Interfaces of Text+ with the other three NFDI consortia (NFDI4Culture, NFDI4Memory, NFDI4Objects) have been established in the course of several coordination meetings. These interfaces and the planned collaboration are described in a Memorandum of Understanding. This MoU was published electronically. This systematic alignment is foreseen to be continued throughout the construction of the NFDI. Moreover, a cooperation on language- and text-based research methodologies will be established with KonsortSWD, where Text+ focuses on metadata and text resources, while KonsortSWD focuses on pseudonymisation procedures. NFDI4Ing and Text+ will collaborate in scoping out and leveraging the potential of text mining techniques for the extraction of research data from pertinent digital scholarly literature and documents. Textual resources are used in a variety of scientific disciplines. For example, scholarly communication in virtually every scientific discipline is language- and text-based. Therefore, interfaces to cross-disciplinary services such as text data mining, terminologies, and authority data are planned.

Text+ has signed the Leipzig-Berlin Declaration on cross cutting topics in the NFDI for infraststructure development and the Berlin Declaration on NFDI Cross-Cutting Topics and is prepared to enter into close NFDI-wide consultation and coordination on the Research Data Commons. Text+ offers a variety of cross-cutting services to other NFDI consortia as, e.g., the provisioning of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs), Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure services, and metadata infrastructure components. In addition, it is prepared to make research data such as dictionaries and terminologies, which are of relevance beyond the Humanities disciplines, available to other NFDI initiatives for reuse. It is also prepared to provide other NFDI initiatives with generic text data mining services as well as expertise and competence in standards and best practices for the production of language- and text-based data.

Source: Section 2.3 "The Consortium within the NFDI" of the application.