Cross-Cutting Topics

Text+ will contribute to the following cross-cutting topics by sharing expertise and practical experience with other NFDI consortia:

Data literacy: Text+ will organize training events and summer schools for junior researchers at the national and international level, provide and contribute to learning and teaching support platforms, as well as contribute to curriculum development.

Authority data: Text+ will actively support the usage and enrichment of cross-disciplinary terminology and authority data, especially the Gemeinsame Normdatei GND.

Provenance: Text+ will promote and help develop solutions for integrating provenance information into data models and curation practices, including its manifold aspects from technical to legal.

Rights and ethics: Text+ will provide consulting on licensing, contributions to data governance solutions and raising awareness for data bias issues.

Data, service and software quality frameworks: Text+ will actively contribute to the development of curation criteria and quality standards for research data in the Humanities and related quality management processes, quality management of software and services, lifecycle management.

Search and interoperability solutions: Text+ will offer a federated metadata and data infrastructure. Relevant services include hosting, migration, integration and synchronization as well as conversion from and to RDF and linking with resources in the Linked Open Data cloud.

Standardization and certification: Text+ will actively promote common reference models, help develop interoperable solutions for metadata application profiles, and support the CTS certification of data centres.

Technical infrastructure services: Text+ will offer authentication and authorisation services, persistent identifiers for research data, digital long-term preservation of research data, development and deployment of Text Data Mining techniques for language- and text-based research data.

Text+ has signed the Berlin Declaration on NFDI cross-cutting issues and the Leipzig-Berlin Declaration on NFDI cross-cutting issues of infrastructure development. The humanities NFDI initiatives have specified their cooperation in a Memorandum of Understanding.