The Text+ consortium will preserve text- and language-based research data in the long term and enable their broad use in science.

The Joint Science Conference has approved Text+ as a consortium of the nationwide initiative to establish a national research data infrastructure (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, NFDI). Text+ officially started in autumn 2021 after several years of preparation and will initially be funded for five years by the German Research Foundation.

The Text+ infrastructure is focused on language and text data and will initially concentrate on digital collections, lexical resources and editions. These are of high relevance for all language- and text-based disciplines, especially for linguistics, literary studies, philosophy, classical philology, anthropology, non-European cultures and languages, as well as language- and text-based research in the social, economic, political and historical sciences.

Text+ Data Domains

The humanities community in all its diversity is the most important point of reference for Text+. We would like to integrate, utilise and represent this diversity through active forms of participation. We have therefore invited you to participate and contribute in the form of user stories and data contributions within the framework of the NFDI.

More information on the background of the NFDI can be found on the German Research Foundation’s website.