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Call for data contribution

Offers for research data for integration in the context of Text+

Shortcut on offering research data (German online form)

With the Text+ plans underway, we are currently preparing to submit a funding application in the second round of NFDI. Together with you we would like to share the rich treasure of research data and possible applications, which the humanities and other disciplines offer. We would assess and integrate them into the NFDI initiative Text+. Especially the diversity and quantity of research data, and a wide range of research questions, will contribute to a stable and multi-faceted research data infrastructure.

Within the Text+ initiative, three data areas are distinguished: editions, dictionaries/lexical resources and collections. In these data areas, you can enrich the Text+ initiative with your offers of research data, research questions and research tasks.

We ask for contributions via our online form for submitting data offers before August 16th, 2020. Later submissions can usually not be included in the preparation of the application. For further please contact office@text-plus.org.