Standardization Organizations

Members of Text+ actively participate in various committees and organisations that are involved in the further development of recognised standards. DIN — Deutsches Institut für Normung DINI — Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation e.V. (Letter of Support, PDF) IIIF — International Image Interoperability Framework ISO — International Organization for Standardization RDA — Research Data Alliance (Letter … Read more

Cross-Cutting Topics

Text+ will contribute to the following cross-cutting topics by sharing expertise and practical experience with other NFDI consortia: Data literacy: Text+ will organize training events and summer schools for junior researchers at the national and international level, provide and contribute to learning and teaching support platforms, as well as contribute to curriculum development. Authority data: … Read more


In addition to its close contact to academic societies (Fachverbände) in the German-speaking area, Text+ cooperates with national and international associations. This ensures a productive exchange of information on international topics and developments. ALLEA — European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities LoS CLARIN ERIC LoI DARIAH ERIC LoI DataCite LoS DDB — Deutsche Digitale … Read more