Plenary 2022

Text+ Plenary 2022 (EN)

On 12 and 13 September 2022, the Text+ Plenary will take place in Mannheim. Information and registration

Solidarity Statement

EN Text+ on the situation in the Ukraine Those involved in Text+ are stunned and horrified in light of the war in Ukraine. Many of us have been working with colleagues from Ukraine and Russia for years. We feel for them. We stand in solidarity with the people who are currently denied freedom, peace and …

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Cooperation Projects

Call for Proposals 2023: Preparing and securing research data together with Text+ The NFDI Text+ consortium awards funding through annual calls for proposals to continuously expand the range of data and services available for use by the scientific community. As part of the National Research Data Infrastructure (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, NFDI), Text+ is focused on language …

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User Story 358

Text+ User Story Topic Modeling Character Speeches Using the DARIAH-DE TopicsExplorer Lukas Weimer (Universität Würzburg / SUB Göttingen) DFG subject area: 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Collections Motivation In my doctoral thesis in German literary studies, I am interested in character speeches and I am investigating, based on a small corpus of 19th century …

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User Story 357

Text+ User Story Adding phonetic transcripts to under-resourced languages in the DoReCo project Ludger Paschen, Frank Seifart, Susanne Fuchs (Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, ZAS), François Delafontaine, Matthew Stave (Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage, Université de Lyon) Christoph Draxler (Bayerisches Archiv für Sprachsignale, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München) DFG subject area: 104 Linguistics, 106 Social and Cultural Anthropology, Non-European …

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Data and Competence Centres

The Text+ data domains are organised in thematic Clusters, which will provide comprehensive coverage of research data. The Clusters will bundle all activities related to specific subtypes of data and research methods in a data domain in accordance with the needs and research priorities of their specific communities of interest. They will engage in a …

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A multitude of editorial models have evolved at Text+’s partner institutions based on disciplines (e.g. philology, history, philosophy), types of source material (e.g. manuscripts, printed books), and types of edited content (e.g. letters, diaries, notebooks, scholarly texts and commentaries, charters). Title Text+ Partner Theodor Fontane: Notizbücher. Digitale genetisch-kritische und kommentierte Edition SUB ARCHITRAVE. Kunst und …

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User Story 522

Text+ User Story Flensburg Corpus of Low German Literature / Dialect Literature Corpus Robert Langhanke (Europa-Universität Flensburg) DFG subject areas: 104 Linguistics, 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Collections Motivation For quite some time now I have been dealing with the manifold information content of older and newer dialect literature. In addition to the literary …

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User Story 424

Text+ User Story Digital Klaus Groth Complete Edition Robert Langhanke (Europa-Universität Flensburg, Klaus Groth Society) DFG subject areas: 104 Linguistics, 105 Literary Studies Text+ data domain: Editions Motivation Since 1949, the Klaus Groth Society has been striving to promote the Low German and High German works of the poet Klaus Groth (1819-1899), who went down …

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User Story 356

Text+ User Story Endangered Linguistic Diversity Frank Seifart (Leibniz ZAS) DFG subject area: 104 Linguistics Text+ data domain: Collections Motivation General and Comparative Linguistics, Typology, Non-European Languages (subject area “104-01) have unsurprisingly a high demand for natural language recordings from as many different languages as possible to undertake comparative studies of morphological, syntactic, or prosodic systems, see …

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